Diamond and Silk ‘Analyze’ Hillary’s Claims in EPIC New Video

Diamond and Silk via YouTube Screengrab

Diamond and Silk, who made their claim to fame during Trump’s run for President, just responded to Hillary Clinton’s claims made in her book “What Happened.” (Full Video Below)

The video done by Diamond and Silk differs from a lot of their other ones, which are usually done on a webcam while they analyze current topics. This time they went all out and appear to be confronting Hillary directly on her claims that Trump was “all up in her space” during the debates.

Check out the video below:

Diamond and Silk turned the tables and explained how it was actually Hillary who was “all up in his space!” And provided video proof to back it up.

They sure have unique ways of getting their point across and it appears to be working as thousands of people have already viewed it. It will be interesting to see if Hillary Clinton has a response to it.

Perhaps everyone should Share this so Hillary sees it and responds. Have a great and safe weekend!
(Main image source; Twitter Screen Grab)

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