James Woods Drops TRUTH BOMB on Nancy Pelosi About the NRA & Guns

Right after the Las Vegas Massacre took place, Democrats wasted very little time politicizing the tragedy and doing one of the things they’re best known for: Blaming Guns and the NRA.

Former Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton immediately pointed her finger at the NRA and also ranted about how silencers need better regulation. Liberal celebrity host Jimmy Kimmel used airtime to blame guns, calling for more regulation. And now, Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi came out and tried to persuade Americans on both sides of the aisle that more regulation needs enforced.

Here’s Pelosi’s Tweet:

Pelosi’s statement was the last straw for actor James Woods, who has finally had enough of all the chatter. He fired back with a vengeance:

History backs up this statement by Woods. Even though it’s truthful and it probably rattled Nancy Pelosi, it’s highly unlikely that it will change her view only because it would make lobbyists who line her pocket very upset.