Vegas Fire Dept. Says WHY They Thought There Were Multiple Shooters

During and after the Las Vegas Massacre on October 1st the Las Vegas Fire Department responds to WHY they thought there were multiple shooters. Clark County Fire Department holds a conference on response to Las Vegas massacre. Chief Greg Cassell of the CCFD just announced these main points moments ago:

  • Dozens of initial 911 calls made it seem like there were multiple shootings 
  • Victims broke through fences and fled onto airport property
  • We wanted to calm the chaos when things were going south
  • We were able to handle it because of our training, our equipment and our people
  • He asked the reporters to please not overwhelm the men as they are back today after a traumatic experience
  • One of the first departments in the Nation to deploy mass response plan
  • 16 Rescue task forces were deployed night of attack
  • 160 Firefighters responded to the scene Sunday night
  • Have been building a mass response policy for several years
  • Radio traffic was pretty jumbled
  • Responding crews encountered patients en route to scene
  • We had trample injuries, injuries from climbing walls and high-powered rifle wounds
  • 10 years ago more people would’ve died because of a lack of coordination
  • Reports of multiple shooters complicated the response
  • Fire Dispatchers did a tremendous job fielding all the calls

Chief Greg Cassell ended with a plea to the Media …”Please, please be gentle on my people, they are not PR trained.” he said.

Photo Courtesy of Stock Images – Alamy 911
Control center of the fire department. Emergency call center

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(Feature Photo Courtesy of Dagger News)