Harvest Moon and Planet Show Tonight!

Feature Image Credit: Earth Sky/Dan Bush of Missouri Skies

It’s not too late! There’s going to be quite a nice treat in the skies tonight! On Sept 22 was the autumnal equinox and tonight is the first full moon after that and thus the name “Harvest Moon”! The name came about when farmers would be ready to harvest their crops for winter and the light of the full moon would allow them to do so late into the night. Some people see the Harvest Moon when it is a beautiful orange brown red glow at the horizon. This year, we are seeing the Harvest moon late in the season as it is usually in September.

So – don’t forget to take a break and check the Harvest Moon out tonight and early in the morning!

Illustration compliments of: Ilustración gratis: Luna, Humanos, Grupo, Silueta – Imagen gratis en Pixabay –

For more information click here at Space.com and if you’re interested check out their photo contest!

(Image Credit: Earth Sky/Dan Bush of Missouri Skies)

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