BREAKING: Did Paddock Target Lollapalooza?

The Las Vegas massacre took a lot of thought and planning to be carried out in the manner in which it was and many questions still remain. Why did he do it? Who else knew about his plans? How did he come up with the idea? Is Mandalay Bay the only venue he ever thought about attacking?

TMZ disclosed on Thursday morning that a source came to them with information that suggests only months ago, Stephen Paddock appears to have had Lollapalooza in Chicago on his radar. So much, that he allegedly booked 2 rooms at Blackstone Hotel in Chicago that overlooked Lollapooza’s HUGE outdoor venue where over 400,000 people came together for 4 days to watch dozens of well-known musicians perform.

According to the TMZ report:

Paddock booked one room for August 1, 2017, 2 days before the August 3 kickoff. Paddock then booked a second room for an August 3 arrival. Both rooms had an August 6 checkout .. that’s when Lollapalooza ended.
The hotel directly overlooked the main stage as well as several adjoining stages. It also overlooks the main entrance and exit where thousands of people file through. And the hotel had a bird’s-eye view of the crowd. We’re told Paddock specifically requested both rooms be a “view room” which only face Grant Park, where the concert was being held. And here’s the scariest part … it’s difficult if not impossible to flee because of the river.

Here is the image released by TMZ that shows the hotel booking info that was passed on to them:

Screen of Blackstone Hotel Booking in Chicago (

Did Paddock target Lollapalooza and get cold feet for some reason? It’s scary to imagine all of the casualties and victims that would’ve resulted if he carried out at Lollapalooza what he did in Las Vegas. Yikes!

(Headline Image Source: Google Search & Red Bull Photos Compilation)