Greg Gutfeld Calls Out the “Heroes” and “Zeroes” of Las Vegas Massacre

In one of his best pieces to date, FOX News host Greg Gutfeld gave his take on who he felt were the biggest “heroes” and “zeroes” of the tragic Las Vegas massacre.

So who were the heroes?

Gutfeld gave props to the police officers and first responders. He backed up his claim by showing rare body cam footage from officers who helped locate and take out Paddock. Gutfeld called their act “pure heroism that vastly dwarfs the abuses that the media magnifies.”

Gutfeld went on to show the U.S. Marine vet who made the quick decision to take someone else’s pickup truck so he could haul injured concert-goers to local hospitals.

And who were the zeroes?

According to Gutfeld, the disgraceful Drexel University professor George Ciccariello-Maher is definitely a “ZERO.” The professor blamed the shooting on “white men when they don’t get what they want.” Gutfeld’s decision to label the professor as a “zero” speaks for itself.

Gutfeld then called a Vermont newspaper as a “zero.” Why? Because they made the idiotic move to print a cartoon that showed dead bodies with “what happens in Vegas…” as their caption. Yikes!

See Gutfelds entire throw down in the first few minutes of the video below. Enjoy!


(Main Photo Credit: FOX News Screengrab)