Stephen Paddock’s Brother Gives An Awkward Interview to The Press

Mass Murderer Stephen Paddock’s brother, Eric, interviewed with CBS today in an attempt to answer all of the questions floating around. This was the second time he faced the press since the tragedy that occurred on Sunday. (Video at end of article

Eric Paddock tried to answer questions but appeared to be agitated and had meltdown after meltdown throughout the interview, in which he repeatedly defended attacks on his brother. Paddock even said at one point that “if Steve could do this, we are in deep sh** because there is nothing there!”

Eric added that his brother was a rich & successful gambler, sometimes spending thousands of dollars on sushi for friends and relatives & recalled such a moment during the interview. He even said Stephen is the reason why he and his family are ‘wealthy’ and he could retire.

He shined light on the rumoured transaction in which Stephen allegedly transferred $100,000 in the Philippines to care for his girlfriend. And by the end of the interview, Eric Paddock probably raised up more questions than he did answer any of them.

See full interview below and tell us what you think:

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