Shaun King Gets SHREDDED on Twitter

Oh the savage that facts make when Shaun King has NO CLUE what he is talking about then tweets his lack of knowledge for the whole world to see! Not only was the heinous massacre still very new to the families of the injured and recently deceased – the attention seeking King tweeted a political statement about the massacre and gun control…then got his facts WRONG. Not a big surprise, there’s very little he says that is based in fact but rather his own misguided opinion. This is the embarrassing tweet, the former leader of BLM,  sent out yesterday early in the morning:

“The weapons used to mow down hundreds of people in Las Vegas were designed as human killing machines. Weapons of war. Should be banned.”

There’s only one problem with that statement… they are already banned. LOL And Twitter followers were quick to point out that simple fact right away! One twitter user volleyed back with this truth bomb:

“They already are banned, would you like to ban them again? Maybe that will do the trick.”

And not to be outdone…another user was absolutely savage with this response!

“That gun is about as legal as you are black”

See what he did there? Totally destroyed King’s lack of knowledge on gun control and taunted him on his apparent social appropriation of “blackness”.  SAVAGE response! Another twitter user also informed King that they are already banned and told him the reason it would do no good to “ban them again”.

It seems, some days, Shaun King should just stay off Twitter.


(Feature photo courtesy of Conservative Treehouse)