NFL Kneeling Drops Significantly Less in Week 4

President Donald Trump’s call to end National Anthem protests appears to be working. A day after the President demanded to end kneeling or sitting during the national anthem, only a few dozen such acts were recorded on Sunday.

According to Reuters, just over 40 cases of kneeling or sitting during the National Anthem occurred during Week 4’s NFL games compared to over 180 a week prior. A large amount of the kneeling was done by the San Francisco 49ers.

Roughly 30 49ers took knees before playing the Arizona Cardinals in Arizona while the national anthem plays. Their GM and chief executive stood behind them during their, according to the Mercury News. See below:

49ers Kneeling During The National Anthem
(USA Today Sports)

Despite the disgraceful act of the 49ers and a few stragglers throughout the rest of the NFL, the President’s tough stance combined with outrage from millions of Americans is putting the NFL in check. Players, coaches and staff are figuring out very quickly that it’s in their best interest to either honor the flag or face the consequences.