#Heartbroken Jason Aldean Responds on Instagram

Feature photo courtesy of: Mindy Small/Film Magic

There is little more American than Country Music. We go to concerts to enjoy our selves. And then the largest massacre in American history occurs. Do we cave and stop going to the outdoor venues? Cowering in fear ? Or do we FIGHT BACK…keep attending our American outdoor concerts and let them know that we WILL NOT cower to their attacks?

Jason Aldean, an American Country Music singer made a statement – shortly after leaving stage.

Here is his heartfelt statement…let’s make his hashtags go viral. #StopTheHate #HeartBroken

Here is the moment caught on video of Jason Aldean running off the stage as gunfire broke out:

This photo is, sadly, says it all.

Photo by: Rare.us

(Article Feature photo courtesy of: Mindy Small/Film Magic)

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