OPINION: The Far Left Has Gone Too Far Trying to Make PR Trump’s Katrina

The Left blasted the federal government for slow response to the crisis in Puerto Rico…. so this weekend, President Trump had enough, and hit back on how both the federal government and private charities all reacted quickly and generously, but things have gone slowly since the goods arrived in port… because things ALWAYS go slowly in Puerto Rico.

And of course President Trump, and others who’ve explained the truth, are being beaten up for stating the facts honestly. As if to say “But this isn’t the TIME to tell the truth about Puerto Rico!”

It’s a third-world island, by choice. Not by OUR choice, but by Puerto Rico’s. It’s full of corruption, full of sloth, full of over-regulation by inept bureaucrats.

There is a public relations question to answer: Is this the time, when people are suffering, to tell the truth about why things are a mess in Puerto Rico, even when there ISN’T a hurricane?

And one is tempted to say no, we shouldn’t. Now is not the time.

But there is another valid point: Why not make it a teachable moment?

This disaster will cost our country tens of billions of dollars, when all is said and done. It’s an IMMENSE disaster. Perhaps the one thing we can get from it is a lesson.

And if we LEARN that lesson… then the bad press from telling the truth – NOW, while people are paying attention to Puerto Rico – will have been worth enduring.

Story Credit to:  John F. Di Leo 

John F. Di Leo is a Chicagoland-based Customs Broker, actor, and writer. A former County Chairman of the Milwaukee County Republican Party, he has written a weekly column in Illinois Review for the past eight years.

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Puerto Rico faces weeks without electricity following Hurricane Maria)

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