Op Ed: Should The Far Left Stop ATTACKING America’s History ?

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ALL THE WAY BACK Are you gettin’ giddy with anticipation? Just think, soon we’ll be in the streets protesting the inglorious Age of Extermination! And once again, we’ll harangue the Johnny Appleseed of Massacre and Disease, Christopher Columbus, for sailing off in search of a New World to rob, rape, kill and infect. That sick white man’s gonna feel our pain, hallelujah! But you know, I’ve often wondered why the long and pointy Middle-Finger of Judgement only extends 500 years into the past. Why is our hindsight so myopic when dissing America’s ‘disgusting’ history? True, the Old-World Pukes and their Pets came to the New World and decimated the People and their Peaceful Ways, but who the Hell infected them? Did they just brew all that bad stuff up in the Old World before embarking on their mission? Perhaps. But maybe it’s time we consider extending our Middle-Finger beyond the Europeans and point to the true genesis of our antipathy. Think about it: Who was the first man to board filthy animals onto a boat? That’s right, it was Noah!

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Why does he get a pass for wiping out all the original Hippies, the Indigenous People of Old Utopia? And what about Adam, the one responsible for letting all this evil crud into the world? Do you realize we were given a perfect world and Adam spoiled it for all of us? Good Lord, that man was a sinner! Wait a minute…Maybe we shouldn’t go back that far. It might be too unsettling, if you know what I mean…. Op Ed credit to LG Bani.

LG Bani. LG Bani is a writer and published author, he is an expert on the original copies of Washington Irving’s 1848 biography of Columbus and 1892’s John Fiske on the Discovery of America.

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(Featured Photo Courtesy of : Google Search Bible Facts for Fun! Old Testament)

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