OMG! President Trump Was Called A RACIAL Slur on SNL

Ever since President Trump decided to run against the Democrat Party, Saturday Night Live and the celebrities who star on that show have worked overtime trying to design skits that suggest Trump is racist, despite his long history of helping minorities. Almost every skit that attacks the President is not funny at all and probably do SNL more harm than anything.

Right when you thought things couldn’t get any more backwards and twisted on SNL, they came out with one of their most hypocritical instances to date while attacking the President, with a skit that starred Michael Che! And it follows the textbook definition of a Racist remark directed at the President.

Watch Below:


Michael Che called Donald Trump many things, including a b****, but he completely crossed the line when he called Trump a “cracker.” This term is widely considered derogatory to the caucasian population, just as the ‘n’ word is considered derogatory and unacceptable to the black population.

But of course we don’t see sources like CNN and MSNBC cutting down the skit by SNL, because it won’t fit their narrative. But they would be on it like nothing you’ve ever seen if any TV show called Obama the ‘n’ word when he was President, whether a joke or not.

What do you think? Did SNL cross the line? Comment your response and share this everywhere.

(Article Thumbnail Credit: SNL/Youtube Screengrab)

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  1. Just another NIGGER thinking he is cool, sadly must call him that because assholes like this are out of control. SNL what the hell are you thinking….? It is a disgusting process you portray and remember this, PEOPLE THAT HATE THIS COUNTRY, WILL NEVER DEFEND THIS COUNTRY…let that sink in for a minute….

  2. It’s the same as a white KKK member calling a Black person a nigger…absolutly a racist to the max. Should be shame in the black community. But there will not be because only white people are racists.

  3. Pokey Waller | October 2, 2017 at 1:57 AM |

    Michael Che, the black gutter rat racist!

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