Puerto Rico’s Democratic Governor CONTRADICTS Everything Mayor Cruz Says About Trump

Carmen Yulin Cruz, Puerto Rico’s Mayor has gotten a lot of attention on Saturday after criticizing the Trump Administration’s handling of Puerto Rico’s post-hurricane relief efforts. The President blasted the mayor after she told sources that Trump needed to “step up” relief efforts for the “entire island of Puerto Rico.”

Oddly enough, the Democratic Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, sided with Trump and has a completely different account of how the President is handling the crisis in Puerto Rico, which has been blasted by 2 hurricanes:

“The president and the administration, every time we’ve asked them to execute, they’ve executed quickly,” Rosselló told Fox Business. And according to a Town Hall Article, Rosselló is quoted as saying “I have to say that the administration has responded to our petitions. FEMA, Brock Long, has been on the phone virtually all the time with me, checking out how things are going.” And then he added,”The different components of the national guard, military, FEMA and our government are working together on the priorities.”

According to Breitbart, the governor said that aid was currently being distributed around the island and that it would be more effective as more personnel arrived.

President Trump commended the Governor of Puerto Rico while blasting Mayor Cruz and mainstream news in a storm of tweets, for trying to use the situation to make his administration look bad. Check it out:

All in all, it’s unfortunate what has happened to Puerto Rico. Hopefully everyone can put politics aside and the people of Puerto Rico can get back on their feet. Have a blessed weekend!

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