President Trump Delivers a STRONG Message to the NFL Hours Before Game Day

NFL players and staff can sit, kneel, hide or do whatever they wish to disrespect our country, but President Trump will not back down. Last year, he beat the odds and defeated over 16 seasoned politicians, the mainstream news and the Washington establishment…so defeating the NFL’s Un-American shenanigans should seem like an easy task, despite all that lies on his plate right now.

Just moments ago, the President took to Twitter in order to let NFL players and staff know he and the rest of America will be watching their next move.

See Below:

It’s great to have a President who cherishes America’s patriotic values that make the country the best one on Earth. And he is standing up for the millions of Americans who have been disgusted by the actions that the NFL has recently taken. Hopefully, after a week of uproar, the NFL has learned a valuable lesson and will make the right choice during week 4.

(Main Image Credit: CSpan/YouTube ScreenGrab)

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  1. Grace Reeves | October 1, 2017 at 5:43 AM |

    BOYCOTT the NFL. Let them unite at the unemployment office or, performing manly work and labor with real American men.

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