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We have an idea…and I hope we are wrong ….but….OCTOBER 12 IS CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS DAY

Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in or around 1435. At an early age, he was fascinated with the sea and all things nautical. Such interest would have been natural for a boy in Genoa, a city walled in by rugged mountains and opened to the sea. At the early age of 14, Columbus went to work on-board a commercial vessel commanded by a distant relative.

Reflecting on his career in 1501, Columbus wrote of his solemn belief that his “early and irresistible inclination for the sea, and his passion for geographical studies, to be an impulse from God” preparing him for what he was to accomplish in life. (Letter to the Castilian Sovereigns)

But the impulse of the world was also at work shaping the lives of the young boys of Genoa, as it does in all ages and all places. Many boys grew up and were “induced to flee the violent factions which raged within the bosom of the city, and often dyed the streets with blood. Of the twenty who thus depart, a scarce two returns; either dying abroad, or taking to themselves foreign wives, or being loath to expose themselves to the tempest of civil discords which distract the republic.” (Foglieta, History of Genoa)

Photo Courtesy of: LG Bani Found years ago, in a used book store, all 3 volumes. Dated 1848.

As sure as the earth is round, our world and the knowledge of our Creator shapes our lives, just as it did the life of Columbus.

Story Credit goes to: LG Bani

In 2002 the Christopher Columbus Fountain in Washington DC was defiled. Let’s hope this does not happen again.

Photo by: Matthew Bradley: Indymedia,

Photo By: Matthew Bradley: Indymedia,

LG Bani is a writer and published author of an original copy of Washington Irving’s 1848 biography of Columbus and a 1892 John Fiske on the Discovery of America.

LG Bani likes reading history from old timers, closer to the time and without the bias of today. Although they may have had their faults, they are good. It is very good on the whole time period of the explorers.

LG also ponders on our children and education today and is quoted as sagely saying: “Kids don’t know how exciting history is today. The Age of Exploration is ravaged by today’s teachers who have no appreciation of what those men and women did. Americans at one time loved the explorers! They are missing out on so much!”

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