NFL Legend Herschel Walker DEFENDS President Trump, SLAMS On-Field Protesters

NFL Legend, Herschel Walker, came out on Thursday in an interview with TMZ Sports to discuss the #TakeAKnee controversy. (Full Video at End Of Article)

During the interview, Walker discussed how the kneeling doesn’t have anything to do with Colin Kaepernick but it “has to do with Donald Trump.” And thinks that the “Commissioner should take care of this.”

When asked if he thinks there should be a league-wide rule against kneeling, Walker said “I do. I think it means making a league-wide rule that if you want to protest, protest off the job.”

Walker went on to question why players had to wait til football season to protest. And said the commissioner needs to step and make the business decision to stop it cause this is a job. And it could ultimately effect relationships with sponsors and advertisers who help make the NFL possible.

Walker says he’ll gladly protest with activists after the season is over. But there is a time and place for it.

He said the President is right in making the decision to stand for the flag because if there’s anyone that should be defending America’s anthem and the flag “it should be the President of the United States.”

Walker finalized the conversation by stating, “Sometimes I disagree with him [President Trump], but he’s still my leader.”

Herschel Walker’s statement goes against the grain of the beliefs of many current NFL players, coaches and owners. But it wouldn’t hurt for them to hear out what Walker has to say since he made some good points on the issue.

Here’s the full Video:

4 Comments on "NFL Legend Herschel Walker DEFENDS President Trump, SLAMS On-Field Protesters"

  1. I served and will say this is not about flag, anthem or country. Get all the facts and know a vet suggested the kneeling as not to offend the military. For guys like you and the President who didn’t serve why are you barking so loudly? Did you say anything about the killing of Americans by law enforcement? Have you talked against the hatred in America? Have you mentioned that several of the cops killing are former war vets that feel killing is part of them. Southeast Asia conflict is still alive in my mind and since I did put life on the line to have the voice to follow the Constitution it is my right. Support the Constitution and remember the standing and placing of hand was not always part of the ceremony. Those in bars still don’t do it and at the concessions stands and entry gates.

  2. I think you are totally incorrect sir. Because this is what is really happening. The NFL protests are not about free speech, and they never were. They are about pushing a race baiting agenda that breeds hatred of white people and of the entire concept of law and order. The protests are about encouraging the destruction of national identity and pride in the heritage that makes us as a people so very unique. It is about crushing the spirit of national and local patriotism and identity for a globalist and communist one.
    This is why anyone who stands up for the NFL protesters is a tool for cultural marxism.

  3. I served, 21yrs with 2 combat tours behind me. I do not like their platform on which they are choosing to protest. Know that I as a Vet and many of my comrades feel the same way. Their protest is getting lost in the disrespect for our country. If they feel it is so bad they can go to some of those war torn and third would countries that I have visited and then come back and tell me about oppression. I do not mind opening the dialogue for which they feel needs to be opened. Leave our cherished flag alone.

  4. Leslie Dodge | October 3, 2017 at 11:29 AM |

    Anna. Do you mind if I share your post? I would really like to quote you, using your name, but will respect your decision either way. You nailed it!! Thank you!

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