Mother Nature STRIKES the NFL Amid #TakeAKnee Controversy

All eyes were on Thursday Night Football to see if any more drama would unfold comparable to what happened in Week 3, as the Green Bay Packers hosted the Chicago Bears. Players on both sides of the field stood for the National Anthem and interlocked their arms while some of the fans followed suit.

After kickoff, everything seemed to be going like any other NFL football game, until something crazy happened…

Lightning at Packers/Bears game. Photo by John Breech Twitter

A giant lightning bolt suddenly struck and lit up the sky surrounding Lambeau Field, causing officials to stop the game. They had to take precautions to protect the fans by evacuating them out of the stands.

Tony Romo described the lightning as “The longest lightning bolt of all time!” Here is the tweet and snippet of the bolt:

According to CBS Sports, the lightning and heavy rain shut down the game for nearly an hour and a half, until everything passed over.

Due to the timing of this rare occurance, it’s hard not to wonder if this was Mother Nature’s way of telling the NFL that they need to man-up and stop with the immature, disrespectful antics. It was a breath of fresh air to not see either of the teams hiding in the locker room or kneeling or sitting during the National Anthem. Perhaps the President’s tough stance is working.

(Feature Thumbnail Image Credit: Raymond T. Rivard photograph)

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  1. Yet man thinks they can control MN! People need to back off and go back to what WAS working. Kapernick started this mess and he is probably giddy about it. He is selfish and narcissistic! Instead of the many other ways he could have helped his cause, he chose a destructive path. Be careful who you follow. Crowd mentallity and emotions are not always the best sources.

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