Famous Rapper Is On A Mission To PROVE Earth Is Flat

Rapper B.o.B received nation-wide attention last year when it was speculated that he was joining the “Flat Earth” campaign, after sending out this tweet:

The Flat Earther movement has gained popularity over the past few years. Flat Earthers challenge the scientific notion that the Earth is round and believe it’s really a flat disc hanging in space. They attempt to prove their claims with out-of-this-world theories and personal observations, such as the one B.o.B tweeted above.

B.o.B, whose best known for his song “Nothin’ On You” pushed the envelope even further on Sept. 21 when he started a Go Fund Me page to raise $200,000, all in an attempt to prove if the Earth is flat or not. $200k is how much the satellite needed for his research would cost, according to him. He is on a mission to “find the curve.”

Here is his tweet and video that promotes his cause:

So far he has raised just over $200. It appears he has a long way to go!

Do you think the Earth is flat or round? Comment your answer below.

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