Right As The National Anthem Was About To Play, Jerry Jones SHOCKED America

It was rumored all weekend that Jerry Jones and the Cowboys may end up standing, as a team, for the National Anthem. And that’s what America was hoping for after witnessing disgrace after disgrace from other NFL teams all day Sunday.

Tonight, the entire Dallas Cowboys team, including Owner Jerry Jones came out and took a knee. But then right before the National Anthem played, watch what happens below…


Jerry Jones and his team took a different approach to the latest controversey. They seperated taking a knee from doing it during the actual National Anthem, in which they stood for the entire song. Regardless, it’s truly sad that it has come down to this. Why do they have to be so ashamed to consistently stand before our flag, PERIOD.

What do you think about all of the controversey surrounding the NFL? Comment your answer below.

4 Comments on "Right As The National Anthem Was About To Play, Jerry Jones SHOCKED America"

  1. Julia Williams | September 25, 2017 at 11:10 PM |

    Our dead service men and women come home in a coffin wrapped in the flag—-that flag represents American values….we must preserve those values by respecting our national anthem along with our flag….that is called Americanize…we as a nation should be standing together showing other countries what unity is all about…our country has so much to offer yet we lack the respect for our traditions….and what has been passed on thru generations…

  2. Jerry Jones should have stood for what is right with no monkey business of taking a knee at all. He should have fired anyone who did not behave respectfully. Employers have the right to determine what public statements and associations their employees make or are involved in, so Jones would not have been infringing anyone’s “rights” by telling them to stand for the anthem in a respectful way. They were certainly on the job and representing the Dallas Cowboys organization. I’m sure there are many talented athletes who would love to take the spot of anyone who was fired for violating company policy. Showing real class would have won the Cowboys far more fans than it might have lost.

  3. Let all American boycott the NFL. Let us stop going to football games let us quite watching football on TV and let us petition the NFL to fire those traitorous players who will not stand for our national anthem!!

  4. Did you get some of your thoughts from here (similar perspective): https://fullarticle.org/FBIdea

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