President Trump Adds 3 Countries To Travel Restriction List, Removes 1

On Sunday evening, President Trump signed newly crafted travel restrictions that would limit entry for people coming to America from eight countries. It’s an updated version of the original travel restrictions that were set to expire and includes 3 additional countries and removes 1. Valid visas will not to be revoked under the restrictions.

The original travel restrictions signed by Trump included Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia , Syria and Yemen. According to White House officials, Sudan has been removed from the list since they were being cooperative with monitoring security and sharing info with the United States.

North Korea, Venezuela and Chad were all added to the list of countries that will have travel restrictions, effective October 8. Here is the new official list of eight countries whose citizens will have slowed or limited entry to the U.S. according to the new proclamation:

North Korea, Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen.

According to FOX News, Iraqi citizens do not face the same travel restrictions, but will “be subject to additional scrutiny to determine if they pose risks” to U.S. security, the White House said.

President Trump tweeted about the restrictions soon after signing off on them:

North Korea was added to the restrictions list for obvious reasons, as tensions with the dictatorship increase. According to USA Today, Senior officials said Venezuela was added to the list because its government won’t say whether its citizens pose a public safety threat. It also “fails to share public safety and terrorism-related information adequately.”

The restrictions are a “watered-down” version of what President Trump would like to see happen, but anything is better than nothing. Are you happy with the new travel restrictions signed by the President? Comment your response below!