Hannity Just SURPRISED America With 3 Major Announcements!    

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You Will Love This! Sean Hannity has switched to the 9pm time slot. And he had quite the line up! Steve Bannon spoke from Alabama ahead of the vote tomorrow there to fill Jeff Session’s seat. Bannon said that he was there to support President Trump. And that McConnell has dumped 30 million dollars into the campaign and they are trying to smear Judge Roy Moore. The same way they smeared Trump. Bannon believes President Trump received bad information on Luther Strange. How is Luther Strange going to fight against McConnell when he gave him 30 million dollars?

Then Newt Gingrich spoke and he discussed the “taking the knee” issue. Newt believes that honoring the Flag is under attack. And that standing for the National Anthem is to unite us even though we are rooting for two different teams.

Laura Ingraham is new to Fox News and she was after Newt. She is the upcoming hostess of the new show called “The Ingraham Angle” replacing Hannity at his former hour  of 10 p.m. on October 30th. Laura joked that she was going to announce the “big secret” and that it is that Sean would be boxing Michael Moore in Vegas! She was kidding though!

All of this to build up to the three BIG announcements about this coming week. Sean made his viewers wait until the end of the show. And it was worth it!

With 5 minutes left in the show Hannity drops the 3 bombshell announcements!

1. 9 p.m. EST Tuesday- Bill O’Reilly will be on the show !!!


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2. 9 p.m. EST Wednesday- Paul Ryan will be on the show to discuss tax reform

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3. 9 p.m. Thursday- Rush Limbaugh will be on the show for a RARE interview

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Which one of Hannity’s guests will you look most forward to watching?

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(Feature Photo By: Fox News)