Look Which 2 RINO Senators Tried To Stop Patriotism In the NFL

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Follow the money! You’re not going to believe which two Senators are behind this. Or maybe you won’t be surprised. Do you ever wonder WHY the protests are occurring and what it has to do with Military Recruitment?

Follow the money….sports and the military.

In 2009, under Barack Hussein Obama, hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid to the NFL for displays of Patriotism to increase registrations in the Military. Barack’s administration created a “Pay for Patriotism” environment inside of our National Sports. He inserted the Government. This is where the story all begins.

In 2015, this figure had grown from “hundreds of thousands” to 53 million by the Department of Defense (DoD). The Post-Gazette reported “Prepared by U.S. Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, both Arizona Republicans, the report found that all military branches reported spending $53 million on marketing and advertising contracts with professional sports organizations between 2012 and 2015. More than $10 million of that went to the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and Major League Soccer. Given the immense sacrifices made by our service members, it seems more appropriate that any organization with a genuine interest in honoring them, and deriving public credit as a result, should do so at its own expense and not at that of the American taxpayer,” the report said. “Americans deserve the ability to assume that tributes for our men and women in military uniform are genuine displays of national pride, which many are, rather than taxpayer-funded DOD marketing gimmicks.”

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The spin was made on these donations as “Pay for Patriotism” and the slant was negative. Note that it was McCain and Flake who wanted to do away with this budget.
In October of 2015 , Erin Flynn of Sports Illustrated wrote this: NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the legislation casts the relationship between the NFL and the military in a misleading light. “The NFL has had a long and charitable relationship with our military that we are excited to continue with this year’s Salute to Service campaign this fall,” McCarthy said. “We agree that no one should be paid to honor our troops, and the league and its 32 clubs are fully committed to that. Military spending on recruiting efforts should not be confused with community programs.”

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Congress forbids DOD sponsorship of patriotic events at sports venues beginning Oct. 1.

It is NO secret that sports and the military go hand in hand. It has for many decades. The aim to diminutize the relationship by the Obama administration and McCain and Flake, Senators of Arizona is not appreciated.

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In January of 2017, Sports Illustrated wrote another article titled “Patriot Games: Sports and the military share a powerful connection in the U.S.” Andrew Lawrence writes in the piece “AMERICANS LOVE their military, and Americans love their sports. The parallel between those attachments is irresistible. Here are two cultures bound by rule and hierarchy, animated by youth and steeped in history. They both work in teams, train relentlessly and thrive on aggression. Both apply strategy and, to varying degrees, force, in pursuit of a common goal: victory. “Sports and military,” says outgoing Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, “have been close for a long, long time now.”
If seems like Sports in America are under attack and in turn, so is our Military.
If you are ok with tax dollars being spent on Patriotism as opposed to, say,  Planned Parenthood let us know and throw your thoughts below.
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