Rapper Claims Kaepernick Is A Hero Who Has “Saved Lives”

Rapper Common took a moment to respond to President Trump’s comment that NFL players who take a knee during the anthem should be taken off the field. He was interviewed by TMZ while preparing to board a plane at LAX and referenced Colin Kaepernick in his response.

“We live in America and people should be able to express themselves.” …“He [Colin Kaepernick] might have saved people’s lives just by the conversations we’re having.”

Common went on to say Kaepernick expressed himself which is what “the American way has been.” And suggested it will help change and improve things.

Common and Kaepernick (Credit: Twitter)

Common then commended 8-year-olds for taking a knee. He said he is “inspired that they have the courage to go out and do that and stand up for something.” And he claims that is what “we want our youth to do.”

Common concluded his interview by saying he supports Kaepernick and stating that “Colin Kaepernick is going down in history as one of the greats.”

Common’s comments fall in line with other famous people who have come out to give their take on President Trump. Diddy has recently told NFL players to “stand up for each other.” And Lebron James called President Trump a “bum.”

It’s interesting how such celebrities like Common can commend well-paid, un-repressed athletes for disrespecting America, the American Flag and America’s real heroes. You never hear them commend those who have fought and continue to fight for the land of the free, and the importance of teaching our youth to learn to respect such true heroes.

What do you think? Does Common’s comment about Kaepernick going down as one of America’s greats hold weight? Comment your answer below.