Maxine Waters Is Left FUMING After What Sheriff Clarke Compared Her To

How did Maxine Waters get elected into office? That’s the magical question many Americans ask everytime she wiggles her way into the limelight with her never-ending clown show. She makes baseless, ridiculous attacks time and time again, which has taken a huge toll on her legitimacy. Hardly anyone can take her serious as an elected official anymore.

Sheriff Clarke has been on a roll this week with some of his observations. And just moments ago, he put Mad Maxine in his focus and dealt a striking blow to her with a comparison that will send her FUMING when she sees it.

Check it out:

Yep, you read that correctly! He compared her to a Carnival Barker. It makes it even worse that her own colleagues refuse to recognize the problem and give Mad Max a hint to tone things down.

Per the good old dictionary, here is the definition of a barker:

barker is a person who attempts to attract patrons to entertainment events, such as a circus or funfair, by exhorting passing public, describing attractions of show and emphasizing variety, novelty, beauty, or some other feature believed to incite listeners to attend entertainment.

It’s safe to say Sheriff Clarke hit the nail directly on the head with his comparison. It’s troubling, however, that so many people continue to give her clown show a chance!

Let’s all do our part to Share this as much as possible so it gets around to Maxine Waters.

3 Comments on "Maxine Waters Is Left FUMING After What Sheriff Clarke Compared Her To"

  1. Mad Max needs to cut the Trump bashing out.

  2. If whatever district Mad Max is from cannot find a better representative then I think and sound minded person can see that we have one helluva problem in this country. Furthermore if the DNC tolerates this hate filled person then I think we can see another problem that needs fixed.

  3. Agree. Well stated.

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