President Trump Breaks The Internet With A Calculated 4-Way SMACKDOWN

Mainstream News hates the fact that President Trump uses Twitter to spread his thoughts and messages, since it prevents them from twisting his words or soundbites to make him look bad. They are on a mission to take him down and he knows it.

For days, the media has been working overtime, trying to get a response out of the President regarding all of the latest happenings such as Healthcare, Hillary and Kim Jong Un. And today, he finally broke the silence to face the media head on, giving them exactly what they’ve been asking for in a series of 4 Crushing Tweets:

And just like that, Trump pulled off another viral Twitter storm that devestated Do-Nothing Republicans, the media, Hillary & Kim Jong Un and has the entire internet talking. What do you think about Trumps tweets? Comment your responses below and please SHARE this news so it spreads everywhere.