Sheriff Clarke’s TRUTH BOMB Just Scared Jong Un & Every Democrat Out Of Hiding

Sheriff Clarke has become a sensation over time because, like President Trump, he tells it exactly like it is without worrying about if he hurt somebody’s feelings during the process. He is bold. He is logical. And he has had enough of the overly politically correct atmosphere that has crippled America for at least the past 8 years.

Sheriff Clarke is also no dummy. He’s spent years protecting America from criminals and he calls out evil as he sees it. And he would agree before anyone else that Kim Jong Un is a major threat to peace in America and the rest the world.

But what’s even more dangerous than a leader like Kim Jong Un are the people who enable him. And that’s who Sheriff Clarke just attacked in a recent ruthless Tweet against those who are siding with Rocket Man over safety, stability and security.

Check it out:

With all of the rhetoric that has gone on since our America First President has dealt with North Korea’s evil dictator, it’s extremely difficult not to agree with his notion that Democrats are putting politics before safety. Afterall, what American in their right mind could not condemn a man whose goal, in his own words, is to wipe out America?

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