President Trump Is Lunching with SOKO and Japan…see what EO POTUS just signed. This is HUGE!

Reuters: Brendan McDermid

(Thumbnail Photo Courtesy of Reuters: Brendan McDermid) If you want to know if President Trump had two scoops – check in with CNN – if you want to know about this very important lunch…read on.

President Trump is in New York City at the UN and  having a luncheon that may be the most important regarding world peace!

In attendance are Vice President Pence of the United States, Nikki Haley, Ambassador to US at UN,  President Jae-In Moon of South Korea and President of Japan – Shinzō Abe.

President Trump made a brief speech and announced an Executive Order which he just signed prior to the luncheon. It is to cut off revenue to NOKO!

President Trump also made a second breaking announcement. He said “it just happened”. Then he announced that China – President Xi Jinping (Chi) – will not allow their banks to do business with NOKO!

President Trump also said “The Alliance between Japan , SOKO and US has never been stronger. ”

Photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jette Carr) Donald J Trump 45th President of the United States

China was not in attendance at the luncheon and yet they made news. President Xi Jinping made a BOLD move to cut banking between China and NOKO. Breaking announcement by President Trump.

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia/China – President Xi Jinping

After President Trumps announcements, SOKO President Moon spoke. Through an interpreter he basically said “We seek a complete denuclerazation of  NOKO and NOKO has abused the international sanctions.” (translated)

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia.President Jae-In Moon of South Korea

Next spoke President of Japan – Shinzō Abe – and translated he said “NOKO has two times going over Japan shot long range missles and conducted 6 nuclear bombs…over 10 times more powerful than Hiroshima. Thanks to Trump we now have alliance with Japan, SOKO and United States. The unity and solidarity is being presented to NOKO. …..I’d like to thank Donald’s leadership. ….We’d like to lead into the next action. ”

Photo Credit to: Commons Wikimedia President of Japan – Shinzō Abe

This is HUGE breaking news… this powerful alliance of World leaders is telling Rocket man to cool his jets. The NOKO people may suffer for Kim’s deadly antics. President Trump addressed this by saying that he feels empathy for the people of NOKO.

When a reporter asked President Trump if it is still possible to have talks with NOKO…President Trump’s response was strong and real. President Trump responded “Why not?”.


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