VIDEO: Morning Joe Forced To Admit Trump’s Speech Was Good

MSNBC’s Morning Joe and Mika are among some of President Trump’s biggest critics since he has taken office. They’ve done everything from making fun of his hands to calling him names to constantly attacking his every move. But soon after Trump took the stage to address the UN in a powerful speech, everyone who watches them were shocked by the change in their tone and demeanor towards the President, especially Morning Joe.

Check it out for yourself, especially at the 3:22 mark below:

Video Source: YouTube

Morning Joe said, “This is a speech, whether a lot of people in the media like it or not, that most Americans would agree with.” This is a shocking statement coming from a man who just weeks ago was berating and mocking the President With his co-host on live TV. Mika remained oddly mum throughout Tuesday’s segment.

It’s taking a while, but it appears that the media could be starting to shift their rhetoric towards the President and may be realizing he’s not as bad as they constantly make him out to be. Could it be that they’re noticing viewers are turned off by their continuous lame attacks? Who knows, but it was a breath of fresh air to see unfold on a network such as MSNBC.

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