HOT Transplant Recipient Did Something AMUSING To Have LIFE-SAVING Power!

Photo from Kynse Agle

This Florida woman rode out the storm in the Hospital and once home needed life-saving power only to find out she had none. While thousands were still out of power in Ft. Myers weeks after Hurricane Irma ravaged the area, Kynse Leigh Agles displayed a creative and a very fun way to get her power back on! She had just had transplant surgery and that is why she was in the Hospital. “I thought that all of my neighbors would get a huge kick out of it,” Agles said to ABC Channel 13 News. One of her friends posted this on her public timeline on Facebook:

Photo courtesy of Public Facebook Post

The good news? Her original and entertaining idea to have her power back on – worked! And the linemen even took a picture to join in the enjoyment of helping her!

Photo courtesy of Public Facebook Post

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