As the Emmy Awards Were Going On, Sean Spicer SHOCKED America

Celebrities were looking forward to more Trump-bashing tonight at the Emmy’s, especially with Stephen Colbert as the host. And he got right into it from the get-go.

While letting jokes fly about President Trump, he wondered who could be able to accurately describe the audience at the Emmy Awards. And that’s when Sean Spicer came rolling on the stage on a podium that looked very much like the one he used in his press conferences. Check out his performance below:

Source: YouTube Courtesy of CBS TV

“This is the largest audience to witness the Emmys, period. Both in person and around the world,” said Spicer to the shocked Hollywood audience.

It’s great that Spicer was able to get out and show his sense of humor to the world after all the heat he took as Press Secretary. Perhaps this is a step in the right direction for the public to see Hollywood and a former key figurehead for the Trump Administration sharing a joke together on live TV.

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(Article Thumbnail pic courtesy of CBS TV Network)