Jennifer Lawrence Hits ROCK BOTTOM at The Box Office Amid Political Rants

Actress Jennifer Lawrence’s downward spiral continues with her poorest showing ever at the box office in her new psychological thriller “Mother!” With a dismal $8 million opening for the over-hyped movie, the awful ticket sales come after outlandish political attacks.

John Nolte of Breitbart weighed in on Lawrence’s failure in his Article:

This is a catastrophe for Lawrence, one of Hollywood’s most stridently bigoted (former) stars. The Oscar-winner’s hateful attacks on Christians, conservatives, President Trump and his supporters have chipped away at her popularity going back to 2014, but no one expected this, expected anything close to $8 million, to single digits. At worst, Mother! was projected to squeak in at $12 million.

Lawrence was recently roasted on Twitter after her hurricane rant:

Hollywood box office sales have been declining for quite some time. It’s hard not to speculate if erratic behavior from out-of-touch celebrities mixed with their political statements has any bearing on Americans not wanting to go see them on the big screen. Perhaps actors and actresses will eventually catch on to how damaging their actions really are.

What do you think? Have celebrities’ actions caused you to lose interest in their cause? Comment your answer below.

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  1. I won’t watch movies with actors who use their fame to push certain politics. When they say something as stupid as Lawrence did, I won’t waste my time supporting their career in any way. Best way to send a message sometimes is by keeping your money.

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