CNN Goes Ballistic After FOX Radio Host Says ‘BOOBS’ On TV

On Friday, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin had Fox Sports Radio Host Clay Travis and former ESPN Senior Editor Keith Reed on the air to discuss the ESPN/Jemele Hill/Trump controversy.

Only seconds into the discussion, Travis caught Baldwin and Reed off guard when he said the following: “I believe in only two things completely: the first amendment and boobs.”

Watch how it all unfolded Here:

Source: YouTube

The segment was short lived, as Baldwin and Reed double-teamed Travis, eventually cutting him off off the air completely cause Baldwin was offended. She apologized to the audience for not cutting him off sooner.

Baldwin immediately took to Twitter to make a statement:

And Travis fired back with a few slams of his own:

Though kicked off the show, it looks to be a win for Clay Travis as CNN appeared to fall right into his trap that he planted for them. It’s interesting that they can say mean and disgusting comments about our President, First Lady and their supporters. But the second someone says “Boobs” it’s outrageous.

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