Irma Spares President Trump’s Caribbean Villa While Demolishing other Chateaus

(Photo: Jack Fleishman)

The Category 5 storm slammed into the French/Dutch Island of St. Martin. President Trump’s 17 million dollar chateau was relatively untouched with the exception of landscaping being a mess and few roof tiles missing said his neighbor and co-owner,  Jack Fleishman,  of the Villa above President Trump’s.

“How Trump’s sprawling beachside 11-bedroom estate, for sale at a reduced price of $16.9 million, managed to avoid damage when so many other estates nearby were seriously or catastrophically ruined, is still a puzzle, Fleishman told USA TODAY.”

Some of the other homes did not fare as well as President Trump’s! Other celebrity homes did not make it through Irma in such great condition. But homes and property can be replaced but people cannot. Our deepest condolences for those victims who did not make it through Hurricane Irma who ravaged St. Martin.

Photo by: Daily Mail
Dramatic pictures have emerged on social media showing the scale of the flooding on the island

Trump’s Villa before the storm:

Chateau des Palmiers on Plum Bay in St. Martin in better days in 2004. (Photo: Bobby Gibson,Villas Caribe)

Why do you think President Trump’s Villa was spared?

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4 Comments on "Irma Spares President Trump’s Caribbean Villa While Demolishing other Chateaus"

  1. When a person does God’s bidding(s)

    they are assured His Protection

    and any1 can speculate, scratch their head, criticize and wonder why

    ubtil dooms day

    regardless God Protects those He’s Pleased with
    Amen & Amen!!!

  2. Robert Bennett | September 15, 2017 at 6:26 PM |

    Why was it spared? To show Jennifer Lawrence that mother nature loves President Trump … Sorry Jenn, wrong again ..

  3. Deborah Fruth | September 15, 2017 at 6:30 PM |

    When God is with us who can be against us…..God is making a statement….God spared Trumps villa…

  4. Most likely his property may have been designed and built to extreme higher building standards to withstand the feircest hurricane and other natural forces that perhaps other structures may not have been built for?

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