Missouri Senator Censured After Calling For President Trump’s Assassination

On Wednesday, Missouri’s upper chamber voted overwhelmingly to censure State Senator Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, after the Senator openly expressed hope on social media that President Trump would be assassinated.

According to an  ARTICLE by St. Louis Post :

The move to censure Chappelle-Nadal took about 15 minutes in a chamber that moves as slow as molasses some days.

Kehoe said the Senate could still choose to expel Chappelle-Nadal in the future .

Senators said they did not have the votes to call a special session to expel Chappelle-Nadal, but President Pro Tem Ron Richard, R-Joplin, said it was in the Senate’s purview to vote on a resolution reprimanding Chappelle-Nadal during a special session.

The vote to do so was bipartisan, with all Republicans present, along with most Democrats, voting to censure Chappelle-Nadal.

Whenever the threat of assassinating a President is mentioned, it should always be taken seriously, most definitely when it’s an elected official. Such comments that we have seen being made by celebrities, lawmakers and any public figure, for that matter, should have zero tolerance. Censuring is probably not the best solution for this case, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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(Thumbnail Image Source: TMedia)