Tomi Lahren ROASTS Hillary Clinton

Recently, Hillary Clinton has come out of the woods to promote her new book “What Happened,” which discusses her theories on why she wasn’t elected as President. And it appears she’s using this moment as another opportunity to point fingers at all of those she feels is responsible for her unforgettable defeat to Donald J. Trump.

Hillary’s latest excuses have been the same old, same old that we’ve all heard for almost a year: Comey, Russia, Wikileaks, blah, blah, blah. Tomi Lahren, like most Americans are tired of hearing it. She took to Twitter to give Hillary the ROASTING she’s been asking for.

Check it out:

And The Grand Finale:

Tomi Lahren’s FOX Retweet (source: Twitter)

It’s been pathetic, to say the least, seeing Hillary continually dwell on an election in which she was soundly defeated. And she has every bit of it coming her way from Tomi Lahren and anyone else who takes shots over the next upcoming days.

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  1. Absolutely! She should hold herself accountable but let’s be realistic, it’s Hillary Clinton and in her sick, twisted head and pathetic life, she blames everyone around her but never herself. It’s disgusting and narcissistic!

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