Tensions High As Kris Kobach Doubles Down On Possible Voter Fraud In NH

(Thumbnail photo by Pete Marovich/ZUMA)

Intense discussions took place in Manchester, NH yesterday, as members of the Election Integrity Commission met for the second time to look in to claims that voter fraud potentially swung the 2016 election in the Democrats’ favor in New Hampshire.

It all started after Co-chair Kris Kobach, Republican secretary of state of Kansas, questioned the “legitimacy” of 2016’s Senate election in New Hampshire. Nearly a week ago, Kobach also wrote a piece in a Breitbart.com article regarding potential voter fraud in Senate Democrat Maggie Hassan’s narrow win over Kelly Ayotte.


Kobach cited a report compiled by Gardner and released by Republican state House Speaker Shawn Jasper. The report – which some Republicans say also could raise questions about Hillary Clinton’s narrow win over Donald Trump in the state – showed that more than 5,000 people who registered to vote last November using out-of-state driver’s licenses never subsequently obtained in-state licenses or registered their cars in the state.

In his article, which was heavily criticized by Democrats, Kobach suggested that the data was proof voter fraud likely led to Hassan’s 1,017-vote victory over Ayotte out of nearly three-quarters of a million ballots cast.

The state’s laws allow a person – for instance, a college student – to be domiciled in New Hampshire for voting purposes and still be a resident of another state for driver’s licensing purposes. But state law also requires that people who come to live in the state and have a vehicle register it and obtain a New Hampshire driver’s license within 60 days.

Election Integrity Commission meets in New Hampshire for a second time. (Photo from John Lott YouTube Video)

Kobach argued:

“New Hampshire is a swing state. Everybody comes here,” and are “flooding across the border to participate in primaries, to possibly cast a vote. Until further research is done … we will never know the answer regarding the legitimacy of that particular election.”

New Hampshire’s Secretary of State Bill Gardner, the Dem. Secretary of State of NH, responded and stated:

The results are “real and valid.” “The problem that has occurred because of what you wrote is that the question of whether our election as we recorded it is real and valid. And it is real and valid.” And added that the commission works in a way “that we don’t have preconceived, preordained ideas of what the facts are going to turn out to be.”

The Election Integrity Commission was formed after President Donald J. Trump’s overwhelming victory over Hillary Clinton. Trump won in a landslide victory, but he and others questioned voter fraud, alleging there were millions of illegal votes and it has been going on for some time. Hillary Clinton narrowly beat President Trump in N.H. just like the same Senate race in the state that’s being investigated by the commission.

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