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9/13/2017 by Lisa Marie

Yesterday, Tuesday , September 12th – later in the day – the Supreme Court ruled to keep the Travel Ban potentially affecting approximately 24,000 travellers from Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen from entering the United States of America. These Countries are known to have had visitors who have entered the Untied States in the past and tried to commit terrorist acts. “Six Iranians, six Sudanese, two Somalis, two Iraqis, and one Yemeni have been convicted of attempting or executing terrorist attacks on U.S. soil” – The Atlantic, January 30th, 2017.

Please watch the video below on yesterday’s ruling.

Source: YouTube

The Justices’ were ruling on the temporary ban which came out of Hawaii. “Justice Anthony Kennedy issued a temporary stay on Monday pending a response from the state of Hawaii, which was due by noon on Tuesday. Late in the day, the court issued a one-page order blocking the decision indefinitely. It takes a vote of five justices to grant a stay application.”

There are 9 sitting Supreme Court Justices and 5 of them ruled on this hearing and they did not spell out why they ruled FOR keeping the Travel Ban. I am glad they did. America deserves to be safe from terrorism.

Meet all members of our SCOTUS and follow the link here to read their individual Biography’s. God Bless America! And thank you, President Trump for nominating Neil Gorsuch as the newest member of the Supreme Court.

John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States

Anthony M. Kennedy, Associate Justice

Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice

Stephen G. Breyer, Associate Justice

Samuel A. Alito, Jr., Associate Justice

Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice

Elena Kagan, Associate Justice

Associate Justice Neil M. Gorsuch; photograph by Franz Jantzen, 2017.


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