LOL VIRAL VIDEO: Hillary Gets Trolled At Her Own Book Signing Event!

Photo Google Images Hillary Clinton Coming to Connecticut for 2 Book Signings

Laura Loomer – a conservative political activist decided to go to Hillary’s book signing in New York City today!

Hillary was all smiles and giggles and greeted Laura with how great it was for her to be there…that is…..until…Laura trolled her hard starting

with “The American people want to know”… then barraged her with questions like

What happened to your 33,000 emails ?

Then doubled down and grilled Hillary on Benghazi and Seth Rich and her health!

But Laura wasn’t finished!

When she saw Huma Abedin she topped her own troll level to 10 LOL with “Hey Huma when are you going to divorce your husband?!”

Watch the epic adventure here in the video below:



Watch the full Laura Loomer Twitter Vid here


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9/12/2017 By Nick Freedom and Lisa Marie