Sneak Peak Video: Watch STEVE BANNON on CBS 7pm SUNDAY Sept 10th, 2017

9/9/2017 by Lisa Marie

Steve Bannon left the White House on August 18th and met with Charlie Rose of 60 Minutes and will be on CBS 7pm Sunday evening, Sept 10th according to the CBS Appearance Announcement

If his preview video is a hint of what he will reveal, this will be a historic and blockbuster interview of unadulterated truth bombs. Americans need to listen to what Bannon has to say. Don’t miss it.

Bannon is now prepared to fight the media with his knowledge of White House information. And his perspective will shine the light of candor in no uncertain terms for all of us to hear.

Bannon told Rose that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, (R-KY) in early discussions with POTUS Trump that Trump should “back off” his “Drain the Swamp” talk. Thank goodness President Trump continued with his agenda of America First. Watch the video below to hear Bannon’s preview live and for a sample of what we will hear Sunday night.


There will be a lot of backlash regarding this interview. We will hear people saying that Bannon is a Nazi, White Supremacist, etcetera … he will be called every name in the book. Remember the reason for the multitude of insults is based on the difficulty level of not being able to refute the truth he will be releasing.

Will you be watching Bannon on 60 Minutes this Sunday evening for the FULL revealing interview ?
Drop a comment below and let us know.

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  1. Absolutely ! I will be watching 60 minutes tonight ! I love Bannon ! I can’t wait for America to hear the Real Truth about President Trump

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