Eric Bolling Reacts to His Son’s Death

It’s been an extremely rough week for Eric Bolling. He was forced from his job at FNC, and if things couldn’t get any worse, his 19 year old son Eric Chase Bolling, Jr. was found dead only hours later. Sources indicated his son was devestated by the circumstances surrounding Bolling’s termination.

Bolling came out on Twitter and issued a gracious statement for the first time since the world learned of all the latest tragic happenings in his life. Here is his tweet:

Eric Bolling Tweet via Twitter 9/9/17

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Bolling family as they cope with their loss on top of the difficult time they’re already going through.

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  1. Regardless what he did. Family should not be dragged into this dirty politics but the modern practice now people get even by involving family. This is how evil we become. May God gives Bolling’s family strength and peace. Our prayers go out for them. Rest in peace.

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