Chrissy Metz STRIKES BACK After Being Attacked By Mainstream Media!

The media nowadays are probably the most brutal they’ve ever been in history. They’re only nice to those who fit their agenda all in the name of the dollar sign. The latest victim of mainstream media bullying is actress Chrissy Metz.

Back in May, Metz received harsh criticism from the media after wearing a red latex dress to the 2017 MTV awards. She was also attacked similarly for what she wore to the Golden Globes. Chrissy has stayed fairly mum since both attacks, but used her keynote address on Saturday at theCURVYcon to strike back at the media where it hurts.

According to an article by Yahoo News, Chrissy responded with the following statements:

“I just think latex is cool”…“I just thought it was so interesting and different. What about a big girl being in latex bothers you? The Kardashians do it, why can’t I?” she asked.

Chrissy Metz wearing latex dress just like Kim K.

And then came the ultimate slam:

“It’s really about how I feel when I put the clothing on. And people say, ‘Oh you should wear black.’ I’m like, ‘For what? Why? Why should I do anything?’ Because we’re taught by the mainstream media that this looks good on you and your body shape.”

Good for her for sticking her neck out! Afterall, she’s correct. The media tries to manipulate anything and everything they can to their benefit. We witnessed it during instances such as the election, how they currently treat our President aand First Lady, and how they treat anyone else, such as Chrissy, who doesn’t fit the mold of their agenda in their billion dollar industry.

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